There will be some maintenance on at 23:30 GMT+1.
Estimated downtime: 10 minutes.

Scheduled maintenance

Today, UTC +1 19:00
Network adapter replacement
Estimated downtime: 10 minutes

The main e-mail server is currently facing issues, I have opened up a ticket at the ISP to investigate the issue.

If the problem persists when I get home I will switch e-mail servers for the time being.

Mastodon upgraded to v3.0.0

Note: downtime of 23 minutes occurred during this upgrade due to unexpected configuration error.

Note: contact e-mail address has been changed.

If you see anything you do not like, please use the report button so that a moderator is able to take appropriate action.

Changed some things:
- Mascot icon
- Default 'missing avatar' icon.

Just to make it look a little better overall. :nttcocktail:

Updated ToS (to make it more clear where this server is located) and the About page.

No floppy disks were harmed in the making of this instance.

I will not block any instance that falls within the boundaries of the Dutch law and freedom of speech.

Thus; this instance will not block the Gab instance.


Server for nerds.