> Bloaty McBloatface: a size profiler for binaries

TFW your wrapper over some software brings back the problem that this software tries to solve.

Apparently, non-forking subshells in ksh are buggy AF.

Never used ksh, but I though it was a nice feature of ksh, given the fuss that I'm doing to avoid subshells in bash.

"random" number generator

Instead of explicitly saying "pseudo", we could indicate it's determinism using sarcastic quotes.

TBH I never though someone would call me "horizontal scrolling of breadcrumbs".

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> horizontal scrolling of breadcrumbs jerks randomly
This sounds like an issue about me.

> The Top 12 BSON Data Types you won't find in JSON

PSA: calling Raku by P-name is considered deadnaming.

✅ This feeling of satisfaction when CI reports that all tests passed on the first attempt.


Чтобы навсегда покинуть Омск, достаточно развить вторую омсквическую скорость.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition written in C++ supports more platforms (10) than Minecraft Java "write once, run everywhere" Edition (only 3).

Fun fact: you could escape slash (/) in JSON, but it is not required.

I've just tried to open the project in some IDE, and it didn't work so well because autotools aren't supported.
In contrast, `bear` + `ccls` just doesn't care which build system you're using.

I'm wrapping `make` into `bear` (for autocompletion etc) and `gcc` into `ccache`.
I like how this stuff is plain simple yet composes well.

Великий парсерный комбинатор.

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